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The Benefits of Sending Premium Corporate Gifts in Singapore

Singapore has a world renowned business climate. Full of opportunity at every corner, the country is well known for its fantastic tax system and startup support system, making it a great place to kick start your business. One of the best ways you can build up your reputation during your first few years of operations is to show gratitude to your clients. Show them that you value their business successfully and you will likely build long term business relations that last for many years. One way you can show you appreciation is through premium corporate gifts. Sending premium corporate gifts in Singapore is no easy task. Send a gift that’s too cheap and your client may become offended. Alternatively, send an inappropriate gift and you may place them in an awkward situation. However, sending a great gift will bring with it several unique benefits, all of which will improve the reputation of your business.

So, what exact gifts should you send? When it comes to sending gifts costs will always be a key concern and therefore many business owners may ask whether or not gifts are worth the extra costs. However, by implementing a comprehensive corporate gifting strategy throughout your business can bring with it multiple benefits. Promotional gifts can help you to achieve a range of goals, whilst sending premium gifts to your clients can help to improve client retention and loyalty. Before choosing a gift, it’s important that you look at several corporate gifts suppliers in Singapore to find which will benefit you the most (both in terms of money and convenience). Once you’ve found the right supplier, it’s time to send out your gifts. Here are some of the key benefits your business will experience from sending premium corporate gifts in Singapore.

Improved Customer Retention

Have you ever bought from a company who went that extra mile to provide you with excellent service? It’s likely that you remember that business to this day. That is exactly what corporate gifts can do for your business. You can significantly improve your relationships with clients. According to multiple research studies, acquiring a new customer can cost five times more than retaining an existing one. Therefore keeping your current customers interested in your business should be a top priority.

Corporate gifts are a great way to retain your clients for several different reasons. For example, you can choose to buy your client a small gift at the end of the year to make them feel valued and show you appreciate them. This personalized approach is fantastic for top tier, high-value clients who contribute a significant amount to your business. By sending such clients a gift, you can significantly boost customer lifetime value which will improve loyalty and even increase the amount they’re willing to spend with you. You can also send such clients gifts on their birthday and additional special occasions.

If you own a B to C business, you can use gifting as part of your customer service strategy. Customers love feeling like they’re valued by the business they’re buying from and a small gift is always appreciated. You can offer loyal customers a 5-10% discount around the holiday season, or give a select few a present as a thank you for their purchase. This will help to show you truly care for your customers and will also increase brand awareness.

An alternative form of gift giving can be used as a ‘surprise’ campaign. For example, if you have had a particularly successful quarter, you may choose to send your key clients some flowers or premium chocolates to say thank you. This is a fantastic way to send gifts and is always warmly received.

Improved PR

Journalists are continuously overloaded with press releases from businesses that want to secure coverage of their product. As a result, your carefully written press release will often be swept under the rug before it’s even looked at. By including a premium gift can help journalists take a look at your press release as you will certainly stand out from the crowd. This will show that you appreciate the time and effort of the journalist and will give them the incentive to take a second look at your work.

You can also make use of influencer campaigns if you sell a particular product (or you run a hotel/ food business). You can send big influencers free products which they will then cover in their social media feeds. To do this, simply send them a free sample of your product or offer them a free sample of your food at your restaurant. Always make this as personalized as possible, as this will increase the chances of them leaving a great review.

Improve Employee Engagement

Much like your clients and customers, your employees also want to feel valued. There are many corporate gifts suppliers in Singapore who will be happy to send you personalized products for your employees to improve retention and loyalty. A small gift will help your employees to feel valued and appreciated, which will also improve their engagement and productivity throughout the workplace. You can do this throughout the holiday season, as well as on birthdays and other key occasions. It is a simple and easy way to show just how much you appreciate the hard work they do every day.

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